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Case Study: Tom Sawyer 

The brief for Tom Sawyer was to create the timeless spirit of deep country, blended with a more "urban" feel, thus providing a modern backdrop for this retelling of Mark Twain's American classic. 

In order to create a "boxy" sound, reminiscent of home made instruments of the era, we bought and sampled an cheap beginners drum kit, and blended it with heavier tones from various synthesizers. As well as allowing us to create unique rhythms and loops, this enabled a free flowing exchange of ideas during the writing phrase, easily layering different loops and samples to create the right soundscape. 

Slide guitar, harmonica and fiddle were an essential part of this project. Utilising a range of different sized acoustic and resonator guitars, as well as the fantastic Amy Chalmers on violin, we really tried to capture that Mississippi sound. 

This was a complete collaboration from the whole team and one that we are very proud of. 

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